DIGA Procross KTM Racing athletes with strong performances in Argentina, solid points haul, but also bad luck in the second race for TKO.

The young German Jermey Sydow, who competes for the DIGA Procross KTM Racing Team in MX2, showed a strong performance in his first overseas race and finished in the top 10 in both races. Thomas Kjer Olsen (MXGP) seamlessly continued his strong performance from the previous weeks, but then had bad luck in the second race. 

· Eighth overall for Jeremy Syodw 
· Thomas Kjer Olsen in the top group in all sessions
· Next stop MXGP of Portugal 

Jermey Sydow already laid the foundation for a successful race Sunday on Saturday with ninth place in the qualifying race. In the first heat, Sydow established himself in tenth place on lap two and retained this position until the chequered flag. In the second race, Jeremy Sydow increased the pace again at the end of the race and secured seventh place in the end. 

Jeremy Sydow: “It was a very successful trip to Argentina for me and my team. I felt comfortable from session to session on the super fast and challenging track and I’m happy to have achieved my best result in the MX2 World Championship with seventh place in the second round.”

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