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Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing finished with their three riders inside of the top four at the fourth round of the EMX250 Championship in Riola Sardo, Sardinia. Andrea Bonacorsi took the overall win in front of Rick Elzinga and Dave Kooiker ended up in fourth position. The weekend started strongly at the sandy track of Riola Sardo. In time practice it was Rick Elzinga who took pole position in front of his team mates Kooiker and Bonacorsi. They started the opening moto on a high note. Elzinga took the lead in front of Kooiker and Bonacorsi was inside of the top five as well. During the race Elzinga and Kooiker switched from positions but Kooiker wasn’t able to keep the pace high till the end of the race which cost him the lead.

Elzinga took over and managed to win the race in front of his teammates Bonacorsi and Kooiker. In the second moto it was Bonacorsi who took the best start. He came out of the first lap in second and started to put the pressure on the leader of the race. In the second part of the moto he was able to make a pass stick and held on to win his first moto and overall win of the season. Elzinga was riding a consistent moto to finally finish in third position and Kooiker crossed the finish line in seventh. He started inside of the top five but had to lower the pace in the second part of the race and finally finished in seventh. With a 2-1 in the motos it was Bonacorsi who took the overall win in front of Elzinga while Kooiker ended the weekend in fourth. Elzing has done a great job has closed down the gap to four points. Bonacorsi is now fourth, while Kooiker has moved up to sixteenth place. 

Overall EMX250 Sardinia:

1 Andrea Bonacorsi 47 Pnt

2 Rick Elzinga 45 Pnt

3 Lucas Coenen 40 Pnt

4 Dave Kooiker 34 Pnt

5 Cornelius Toendel 32 Pnt 

EMX250 Championship Standings:

1 Cornelius Toendel 156 Pnt

2 Rick Elzinga 152 Pnt

3 Haakon Osterhagen 112 Pnt

4 Andrea Bonacorsi 108 Pnt

5 Lucas Coenen 108 Pnt

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